4 Ways to How to Minimize Website Downtime

A surefire way to derail your digital campaign is through website downtime. As the center of your brand’s online activities, your website contributes a lot to your business ventures. Hence, it is vital that your monthly website maintenance includes measures that prevent site downtime.

Why does website downtime happen?

There are two kinds of downtime: planned and unplanned. As their names suggest, the former is a deliberate undertaking while the latter is an unwanted disruption.

Planned website downtimes are done to improve the system, expand the database, install upgrades, and implement other site-enhancing changes. Unplanned downtimes, on the other hand, are caused by crippling issues such as hardware failure, inadequate web hosting, and malware invasion.

Website Downtime

Although their causes generally dictate their long-term impact on your business, planned and unplanned downtimes both curb your brand’s online visibility. Making your website inaccessible for a certain period can affect your search engine ranking, your company’s credibility, your client’s satisfaction, and your overall profit.

Give your brand the digital visibility it deserves. Integrate these practices to your monthly website maintenance to minimize your website downtime.

 * Use a reliable web host

reliable web host

Inadequate web hosting service is one of the most devastating culprits of website downtime. In extreme scenarios, it can erase years’ worth of data, compromise sensitive information, and wreck your entire site. So invest in quality web hosting. Find one that can cater to all your business needs.

 * Run thorough checks after making website changes

making website changes

Setting changes can throw off your website performance. So run extensive diagnostics whenever you make alterations to your site—be it a simple application update to a complex software installation. Make sure everything is functioning as they should. Fix glitches and other issues as soon as they are identified to avoid escalation.

 * Reinforce your website security

website security

Avail competitive website security services to defend your website from malware invasion and hacking attempts. Keep your protective measures up-to-date with the latest anti-malware software. Check your file permission options regularly.

 * Avail uptime monitoring services

monitoring services

Partner with an excellent website maintenance provider to track your site performance 24/7. Uptime monitoring agencies run regular system check-ups to determine your site’s status. They will send notifications whenever they encounter an issue which will enable you to resolve it immediately.

Enhance your online campaigns by reducing your website downtime. Incorporate these practices to your monthly website maintenance and secure quality website security services to streamline your site’s performance.

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