5 Important SEO Facts That Everyone Should Know

Despite being one of the most prominent determiners of online visibility, search engine optimization still holds a lot of mystery for digital entrepreneurs. While most companies do know the importance of partnering with the best SEO service providers and the merits of acquiring search engine optimization services that are tailored to their campaigns, not all are aware of what comes after these stages.

seo facts

Develop your SEO know-how to help you select the best agency for your company. Consider these interesting SEO facts to enhance your perception of this game-changing industry.

1. SEO is made up of 75% off-page strategies.

To clarify, this does not mean that over half of your search engine ranking depends on off-page optimization. Rather, after you accomplished your on-page operations, the majority of SEO work concentrates on continuously developing, implementing, and monitoring off-page strategies.

2. Object features detection is a significant ranking factor.

Aside from articles, most search engines also rank images. Google detects and considers individual things and faces when classifying images. So, if you are going to use pictures in your content, make sure that they have a lot of relevant and identifiable objects to your topic.

3. Google considers “travel time” in their ranking metrics.

Travel time refers to the amount of time users are willing to spend to get to a particular place. The closer the user is to your office, the higher your possible rank will be. Sometimes, businesses that have no active digital marketing campaign show up on the first page of the search results simply because they have the location closest to the searcher.

4. Integrating videos to your landing pages increases their chances of making it to the page one of Google’s search results.

Including videos in your content is one of the best ways to get a spot on Google’s page one. Moving pictures are definitely more compelling than static imagery and simple text. They can grab user attention for a certain amount of time, consequently increasing the web page’s conversion rate. Moreover, Google values and considers videos in their ranking.

5. Mobile searches are slowly dominating the SEO landscape.

Studies reveal that mobile devices are slowly becoming the most widely used search tools around the world. This phenomenon is attributed to the fact that most mobile devices nowadays are Internet friendly. Hence, to give your brand the best online exposure, it is crucial that you adapt your website to mobile searches.


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