Avoiding Common PPC Mistakes

The digital marketing world is vast. It encompasses many aspects: search engine optimization, social media optimization, web design, up to paid advertisements. All these practices have one goal: to increase online visibility and establish brand authority.

Mystech Dynamics Inc. is a web development and optimization company that is committed to helping its clients establish their brand’s digital authority. Our services include web design and development, web maintenance and security, SEO, SMO, and PPC.

What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

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Pay-Per-Click is a digital marketing approach that aims to increase web traffic through advertisements. Essentially, the implementation of click-through ads is an effective marketing strategy to increase sales. For instance, $3 payment per click is a small amount compared to the $300 sales your company will garner through PPC.

Avoiding PPC Mistakes
A well-executed PPC campaign can generate online sales in just a snap. However, a single error in execution can lead to more loss than gain. Here are the most common PPC mistakes you need to avoid to secure an increase in click through rates.

How to Avoid PPC Mistakes

 * Redirecting online users to your home/ contact page. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to redirect your visitors to other pages – such as the home or contact page of your site. Keep in mind that the advertisement was specifically set up to run whenever the keyword is searched. Make sure that the search results containing your advertisement are related to the user’s inquiries.

The key is to put ads correctly. Attach advertisements to relevant pages. For instance, if online users are looking for products and services, avoid frustration and bring your customers directly to your products and services page where they can quickly look through and purchase what they need.

 * Failure to split-test advertisement. Avoid running PPC ads without doing initial tests. Ensure that you split-test your ads. Create a multiple version of the ad’s text for each PPC ad groups to determine which exact words generate more clicks and lead to higher on-site conversions.

 * Sticking to the ordinary. Always conduct research and employ creatively crafted advertisements. Do not rely on keywords and methods that have already been used by competitors. Offer something unique, useful, and relevant to the clients. Tell them what sets your products and services apart, and make them want your deliverables. The key is to clearly identify who your target consumers and apply the golden rule: Always know they audience. Determine what they like, what they hate, what makes them buy.

 * Not using keywords. The digital marketing world is a keyword driven era. Always, always know which keywords and key phrases to use and put them into your ad copy to secure relevance and immediately captivate the user’s attention in just one glance.

PPC marketing is good for any businesses and also can be risky if not properly planned and executed. Our team of PPC experts ensures that all your online advertisement needs are covered from keyword research, identifying target products and services, conceptualization, budgeting, up to ad creation.

Establish your brand authority and secure sales increase with our PPC advertising services.

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