SEO Essentials: Different Kinds of Keywords

Availing search engine optimization services is one of the keys to a successful digital marketing campaign. The efficiency of SEO services dictates the outcome of your online ventures. Hence, it is vital that you secure only the best SEO services to establish your brand’s online visibility.

Kinds of Keywords

Mystech Dynamics, Inc. is one of the best providers of SEO services in the country. With us, you can be sure that all your optimization campaigns are systematically implemented and maintained. All our strategies are based on research and analytics to guarantee their efficiency and relevance.

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One of the core components that our SEO team pays special attention to is keyword development. Since keywords have a huge influence on online presence, their selection and optimization require meticulous planning and analysis. SEO specialists must determine which of the following kinds of keywords are best suited for their client’s campaigns.

1. Market-defining Keywords

Market-defining keywords are the most common kind of keywords. General and generic, they are the terms and phrases that your target market uses when searching your brand or industry. For example, if you are in the interior design industry, the keywords you can use are:
• interior design;
• interior design services; and
• interior design packages.

2. Customer-defining Keywords

These are the words and phrases that your target audiences use to identify themselves. These two questions will help you recognize customer-defining keywords.

a) How does your target market define themselves?
b) How does your target market call other people in the same classification?

Using customer-defining keywords builds up your brand’s connection with your target audience. It aligns your website with your prospective client’s interests, increasing your chances of conversion. If your company deals with fashion design, keywords you can use are:
• model;
• fashion designer;
• fashion blogger; and
• brand ambassador.

3. Product Keywords

Product keywords, which refer to the company’s products and services, are the ideal starting points for blog content creation. These are the terms and phrases that people use when they are searching for a specific item or service. If your business centers on interior design, the keywords you can use are:
• interior design Philippines;
• bedroom interior design services; and
• kitchen interior design services.

4. Related Vertical Keywords

These are the terms and phrases that are associated with your business or industry. Related vertical keywords are used brands that your company might seek to collaborate with. Sample related vertical keywords for interior design providers are:
• interior branding;
• furniture design; and
• utility services.

5. Geo-targeted Keywords

Geo-targeted keywords seek to enhance your business’s ranking by targeting potential customers in particular locations. For example, if your interior design company is aiming for clients in particular areas in the metro, the keywords you can use are:
• interior design services Manila;
• office design services Makati; and
• interior design Philippines

6. Industry Thought Leaders

These are the influential people and groups in your industry. Industry thought leaders can help you attract potential clients to your website by opening PR and interview opportunities. They can also broaden your knowledge about your field and establish the theme of your digital ventures.

7. Competing Company Names

Competing company names are used to identify how clients perceive other businesses in the same or similar industry. Determining your competition contributes to better campaign strategy development.

A competent SEO company understands the importance of on-point keyword selection. Establish your online authority and enhance your digital marketing campaigns with Mystech Dynamics’s best SEO services.

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