PPC Hacks: Different Types of Ad Extensions

Looking for ways to generate higher ROI at lowest possible cost? Then PPC advertising is for you!

PPC or pay-per-click is an Internet marketing model wherein advertisers pay for each click on their advertisement. It provides businesses an opportunity to maximize their ROI, set budget according to their campaign needs, launch targeted campaigns, and get immediate site traffic. By incorporating PPC in your SEO strategies, you can boost the overall ranking of your site.

There are various ways to improve your PPC campaign, and using ad extensions is one.

What are ad extensions?

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Ad extensions are additional information about your business, such as contact number and link to your website, which is provided to improve the visibility of your ads. They are means to improve your ads in desktop and mobile searches. By using ad extensions, you have more chances of drawing traffic to your site.

What are the different types of ad extensions?


There are different types of ad extensions that you can use based on device type—desktop computers and mobile devices. Understanding where each extension is most effective will help you improve further the kind of information you include in your advertisements. To help you decide which ones best suit your online campaign needs, below is a quick discussion of the most common extensions based on device type.

•  Ad extensions optimal for desktop searches

1. Seller Rating Annotation

This is an automated extension that includes your company’s overall online rating out of five stars. These ratings are placed next to your ad to show customer-submitted reviews of their buying experience.

2. Social Annotation

It shows your Google page information, such as the number of your followers and the recommendations your business has received. It helps build your company’s credibility and draw higher CTRs.

3. Sitelink Extension

This is an additional link(s) in your ads that take customers to specific pages on your website. It allows you to promote a particular product, service, or page on your site. It also enables you to take potential customers to the exact information they were searching for.

4. Review Extension

Customer reviews are one consideration that potential clients look for in a website. This type of extension allows you to include positive reviews about your site or business from a credible source. You may opt to paraphrase or use the exact quote from your source.

• Ad Extensions optimal for Mobile Searches

1. Call Extension

It allows users to click the call button in your ad and speak with you directly. Adding your phone number helps your advertisement to stand out and increases the chances of obtaining higher CTRs.

2. Location Extension

This extension allows you to show your company address alongside your ad. It includes a map pin with your address that enables people to find the nearest store or give your business a call.

3. App Extension

This is an additional link below your text ad that directs online users to your mobile application. It automatically takes users to the app store, and begins to download.

Keep in mind that some extensions are better suited for a business over another. Are you still having a hard time choosing which ad extension will best work for your company’s online campaign?

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