Work Less, Earn More: Why Digital Advertising Is Your Way Up

Approximately 7.4 billion people occupy the world today. Here is an important question: How can you market your products and services to this population without spending too much? More importantly, how can you ensure that you are hitting the right clients?

Advertising over the Years

digital Advertising

Before the World Wide Web, there were printed, TV and radio advertisements. These are called traditional media. They marked the early forms of brand promotion, which are still widely used. Today, you can still read ads in newspapers and other publications, watch TV commercials and hear public service announcements (PSAs). However, the Internet is making a gradual revolution in the advertising world.

With digital and traditional platforms, big and small businesses alike have various options on how to introduce their products and services to potential and existing clients. Though some companies opt to utilize both platforms, they must also consider if doing so is practical. Which of these platforms can your company make the most out of a limited budget?

                   Digital Advertising                           vs.                     Traditional Advertising



The cost per thousand impressions or CPM is an advertising metrics used to measure how much your company needs to invest to reach 1,000 people.  The following are findings from a recent media cost comparison.

Less than $3 is needed to reach 1,000 people.

Approximately $28 is spent on TV ads while radio announcements cost $10.

For print publications, more than $30 is needed to reach 1,000 people:
Magazine – $16
Newspaper – $16
Billboard – $5

Audience reach

One of the most important aspects to consider in choosing your marketing platform is whether your company information and advertisements reach your target consumers.

About 3.5 billion Internet users from around the world can be reached through advertisements in websites and social media.

There are around 1.96 billion social media users in the world that can be tapped through social media advertisements and fan pages.

People now turn to their mobiles and laptops when searching for information or news updates.

Geographic boundary hinders audience reach. For instance, TV and radio advertisements in the Philippines cannot reach the U.S unless stations have satellite channels where overseas workers can subscribe.

Reception in remote areas interrupts information dissemination

Many people switch channels to skip TV commercials.

Only a few people listen to the radio nowadays.

Advertisements are time-bound. There are only specific periods and days when you can play commercials.


Change is inevitable, and advertisements are expected to offer something new. You have to consider a platform that can keep up with the times.

Updating website contents are easier and do not require you to gather all disseminated materials for reproduction or republishing.

Adjustments are harder to manage.

Typo errors in print advertisements are more difficult to manage, especially when these publications are already disseminated.

Modifications on TV commercials entail another set of scripts and productions.


Another thing you need to consider is your client’s level of engagement. How do you measure consumer response toward your advertisement?

It can gauge a client’s level of engagement by monitoring his/her activity when he/she visited your site.

It requires manual entry of sales data.

You cannot tell how many people watched or skipped your TV commercials.

You cannot gauge how many listeners are interested in your PSA.

It is hard to monitor how many people read your publications.

Partnering with the Right Company

Since digital marketing is an emerging platform, you want to make sure that you are investing your money, time and effort wisely. What better way to do than look for a web development company that is an expert in the field.

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