Do’s and Don’ts of Website Comment Management

One of the things that most digital entrepreneurs overlook in their website is their comments section. Unless it directly affects their online operations, businesses usually place comment management way down on their list of priorities. Do not make this mistake.

There is a reason why competitive digital marketing agencies include comment management in their search engine optimization packages. User comments are excellent indications of your brand’s digital presence. Just by analyzing your comment sections, you can determine how visitors perceive your website and what they think about your products or services.

Comment Management

Manage your comment sections strategically. Maximize its potential not only as a client engagement device but also as a reputation management tool. Make sure that your search engine optimization services provider knows the following dos and don’ts of comment management.


 * Check your comment threads regularly – Include comment checkups in your website upkeep practices. Schedule it at least once a week to avoid massive backlogs.

 * Filter comment spams – Remove irrelevant comments from your comment threads. Assess visitor remarks meticulously. If it contributes nothing or is completely unrelated to your post’s topic, delete it. Keep an eye out for commenters who use discussion boards to further their own businesses.

 * Observe your commenters – Spam comments often come from visitors with nonsensical use names. It could be a combination of jumbled letters, numbers, or phrases like “officer of police.” Check out their email addresses as well. If the word after the “@” symbol is made up of random letters and numbers, there is a high possibility that it is a spam comment.


 * Ignore customer complaints – Never disregard negative comments. It is best to prevent bad feedback – especially those that are not entirely unfounded – from escalating. Respond to the complainant as soon as possible. Let them know that you are doing something about the issue. Do not let your emotions run your response. Always be professional when answering your visitors.

 * Over-respond – Avoid giving extensive explanations to every query you receive. While it will show that you care about your visitors and highlight your brand expertise, over-responding consumes a lot of time and effort. Answer legitimate comments promptly and address thought-provoking questions with an in-depth blog or web post instead.

 * Click the link – A good way to figure out if a hyperlinked comment is worth retaining is by reading its URL attachment. Read; do not click. There is no assurance that the link will direct you to a credible virus-free website. If the comment cut off part of the URL, place your mouse over it to see the address. If it does not look legitimate, it is probably a spam comment.

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