Membership Websites for Business Owners

Introducing a membership or subscription option to your website is a great way to earn more. It lures curious visitors and loyal clients alike to give a concrete sign of their support by signing up or paying a fee to access your content.

How to Determine the Best Membership Option for Your Business

Membership Website

There are many kinds of membership-based websites. Some are only accessible to registered members. Others show an enticing content preview then offer the rest only to subscribed users. While others still provide special membership options to access exclusive features.

Register Enquiry

Answer these questions to identify what kind of membership option is best suited to your website.

1. Do you think people are willing to pay to access your content?
Weigh the value of your content by analyzing your site metrics. Determine your conversion and consider your visitor activity.

2. How much of your content are users willing to pay for?
If you think people are willing to pay to access your entire site, then the 100% membership-based site is for you. If not, then consider introducing a partial subscription model.

3. What are the benefits of your membership model?
Do you want to use a subscription to broadcast site updates, offer product discounts, or provide exclusive content?

The Pros and Cons of Offering a Membership Option

As with most profit-driven models, a membership-based website also has advantages and disadvantages. So, before integrating a subscription option to your website, consider its possible rewards and pitfalls.


• You can guarantee an increase in profit (by virtue of your required membership fee).
• You can obtain useful information about your audience to generate better content.
• You can keep your audience up-to-date with your brand’s latest developments.
• You automatically acquire user following and patronage.


• You have to generate interesting and timely content regularly.
• You have to keep up with your site’s comment or forum section.
• You have to address member queries, comments, and complaints.
• You have to implement rigid regular site checkups to keep your password-protected areas secure as system issues and hack attempts can destroy your reputation.

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