PPC Management: Task Checklist

Pay-per-click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC) is an Internet marketing model wherein advertisers pay for each advertisement clicked by an online user. It is a way of buying visits to your site rather than obtaining them organically.

PPC Management Checklist

PPC management services entails regular monitoring, tune-ups, and maintenance. Doing regular check-ups reduces the risk of missed opportunity and increases your chances of earning a higher return on investment. PPC management can be an arduous task. Thus, it is important that you find a PPC service provider who can perform PPC operations smoothly.

Here is a quick guide on the tasks that your PPC service provider needs to accomplish to ensure that your campaign is at an optimal level.

Daily Tasks

One of the essential duties of a PPC service provider is to perform regular monitoring of the campaigns, which is achieved through the following tasks:

* checking the Ad spending vs. the conversion rates
* monitoring the click-through rates and cost changes\
* adjusting bids based on the top performing and poor converter Ad words
* monitoring and optimizing keywords based on Ad groups, and pause poor performer keywords
* reviewing changes that occurred during the previous days

Weekly Tasks

The following are weekly evaluations performed by a PPC service provider that allows you to test new Ad concepts and monitor the improvement of your conversion and click-through rates (CTR):

* analyzing conversion rates
* removing duplicate and non-performing keywords
* researching and adding negative keywords
* reviewing low performing advertisements
adding more relevant keywords

Bi-weekly Tasks

These bi-weekly analyses allow you to check on several factors and improve your conversion performance:

* assessing the performance of the keywords in the Ad group
* creating new Ads
* analyzing and pause non-performing keywords
* removing poor-performer keywords

Monthly Tasks
Performing these monthly check-ups allows you to keep track of the overall performance of your account and campaign including various trends:

* addressing keywords that have low-quality scores
* analyzing the performance of site links
* assessing and fixing poor visitor metrics
* reviewing Ad positions and adjusting bids
* managing Google Display Network

Quarterly Tasks

Doing these quarterly evaluations allows you to address any top-level performance issues that arise in your campaign:

* reviewing CTR
* auditing site links
* analyzing and reporting Quality Scores
* reviewing campaign performance
* evaluate the effectiveness of landing pages

Having a PPC task checklist can significantly help reduce budget loss, improve conversions, and increase your return on investment. Here at Mystech Dynamics, Inc., we believe that every detail matters in PPC management. Partner with us, and ensure high returns on your campaigns!

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