PPC Tips and Tactics to Boost Your Online Campaign

People nowadays rely mostly on the web to gather information, expand their network, and purchase products. Statistics show that globally, there are approximately 3.8 billion active Internet users. With the increasing population of online users and the big competition in the digital landscape, the challenge is to reach out to your company’s target market.

Unlike search engine optimization, PPC advertising management allows you to target specific audiences by aligning ads and landing pages to their needs. It is one way to market your products and services and to reach out to potential clients. Perfectly executed online campaigns can drive traffic to your site and increase conversion.

PPC Strategies

PPC Tips

PPC advertising service providers must continuously research on the latest trends and developments in the digital market to cater to clients’ needs. It is also important that they implement unique and efficient campaign strategies to rise above the competition. Below are tried-and-tested tips to boost your online campaigns and level up your brand’s digital authority and avoid mistakes.

1. Write standout ad copies

Ad copies should motivate your target market to click on the link. It is important that you write unique and appealing ads to draw the attention of online searchers.

• Communicate the benefit your target market will gain from clicking on your ads.
• Highlight your brand’s unique selling points.
• Communicate a sense of urgency by using buzzwords, such as limited time, free, sale, etc.

2. Maximize ad extensions

Ad extensions are additional information, such as contact number, business rating, and web links. Research shows that using ad extensions increases CTRs by 30–100%. It helps improve the effectiveness of PPC campaigns and increase conversion rate.

3. Use in-market audiences

In-market audiences are people who are actively looking for products and services on the web. Google considers users’ online activities—i.e. clicks on ads, page visits, and the frequency and recency of visits—to determine if they qualify as in-market audiences. It accurately categorizes users to allow easy targeting of online visitors interested in your offers. It saves you from spending on advertisements on irrelevant online searchers.

4. Setup remarketing

Remarketing is the process of using the Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) to optimize campaigns. Using RLSA allows you to reach out to past site visitors to acquire more conversions. Google tracks HTML cookies of past site visitors to determine relevant ads to user queries. For instance, if the user types the keyword, “SEO services” and you have an advertisement for that term, Google will show your ads to the user. When online users click on your site and leave without making any purchasing decision, RLSA helps you connect with these potential customers when they continue searching on the web.

Online advertisements are critical factors in boosting your site’s performance. Apply these tips to level up your PPC campaigns! Secure your brand’s online authority with us!

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