The Significance of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

Imagine: You are on your way to your office and want to check the latest news on your favorite website. You bring out your smartphone and key in the website. However, it takes a lot of time to load the site; not to mention the fact that some of its features aren’t accessible on your device.

This is exactly how websites lose their customers – the inaccessibility of their websites on mobile phones.

People nowadays are all glued to their smartphones and tablets. Almost everyone is connected to the Internet, making communication easier and much more convenient than in the previous years. The amount of people online has been a variable to businesses putting websites for their companies to easily reach their target market. Unlike before where millions of money were allotted for TV, print, or even radio advertising, the Internet has become a place to advertise in a much cheaper budget but with better results.

Putting a website is easy but developing and maintaining it is a challenge. A special workforce of SEO (search engine optimization) specialists, web developers and wed designers work together in creating a relevant, attractive and successful website. However, some may overlook that most people use their smartphones and tablets in surfing the Internet rather than using a desktop computer. Hence, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website.

Why do websites have to be mobile-friendly?

  • Like mentioned earlier, the increase in people using smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed for the past years. These people prefer handheld browsing over the traditional use of a desktop computer.
  • Different mobile companies have free mobile internet services. Studies show that mobile surfing has continually increasing every year. A person uses his or her mobile Internet at least twice in a day. This statistics is a good opportunity for businesses to have their websites available in mobile.
  • With GPS (global positioning system), mobile Internet uses constantly find new places on the Internet through their website. It is best for websites to be mobile-friendly so that they can be easily accessed resulting to an improvement with the number of people buying or using their products or services. In fact, Google now allows an easy way to bookmark a local place on search results page. You can read more about the news here.
  • Mobile-friendly websites helps increase customer loyalty. Customers prefer browsing on webpages that can easily download on their phones. No annoying time on waiting; thus, it saves them a lot of time.
  • Mobile-friendly websites are very easy to navigate. Web developers only included relevant information to a website based on what a customer needs. Display is much easier to understand and use.

There are some things to consider when making a website mobile-friendly.

  • Page speed – it can be downloaded in a few seconds whether on a 3G or 4G connection. The webpage’s performance should be smooth and sleek.
  • Videos – some cannot be played on some mobile platforms. Web developers have to use a script that can address this problem.
  • Share buttons – a lot of information online are being shared by its readers. The share button has to function properly or else they will use their followers.

With the technology of smartphones and tablets, it is best to develop a mobile-friendly website to increase social presence and gain more users to increase traffic, customer loyalty and brand trust. Just recently, Google has announced that more people are now using their mobile phones when searching on the internet. With that, companies should really open their eyes in making a responsive and mobile-friendly website.

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