Web Design Trends for 2016

Catchy and witty. these two are just basic elements of web design services that catch attention to any web visitor. What web visitors take a look first when navigating through a website is the design that makes them feel interested in knowing or exploring more about the website. Thus, a web design company artistically creates web design services that will suit the business or the person owning the website.
Web Design Services - Web Design Trends for 2016

In 2016, there is a lot of talk with web designs that will turn into an instant hit on the market. What could possibly be the hippest web design that will dominate the websites?

  • The increase in UI patterns have been observed for the past months. Actually, this has made some websites look similarly alike to other websites. However, since there is a need for a responsive website, a web design company would always use WordPress for better results. Despite the fact that they may look the same, there are other customizations in WordPress that makes your website still appealing and unique from others. One strongest suit in UI patterns noticeable today is the use of hero like images. It has been widely used as it gets hold of a user’s attention. Another is card layouts which Pinterest started. Using this layout makes it easier for users to know what other options or pages they can explore in the website. This pattern is also the same with the start menu of Windows 10.
  • Animations make it big on the screen. What makes you stop at a website is their entertaining animations. Animations are used as a substitute to long story telling of the business’ background. Why tire your users reading when you can use animation to bring life to words? However, web design services that incorporate animations need to make sure that these do not make the user wait for a long time to load. Make animations a reason for your web visitor to stay not avoid your website.
  • Taking over of micro-interactions increases user experience. A simple like on Facebook or Instagram involves micro-interactions. These are more of a human-like activities that are incorporated with the idea in a particular app. Say for example, when your phone alarm goes off, you are most likely to tap the screen, just like tapping a real alarm clock.
  • Responsive design is the real talk. No matter how good a web design company designs your website, but it is unresponsive, web visitors will most likely not check your website again. The rise of mobile-friendly websites has made it a priority for web designers to make sure pages load successfully on different gadgets people use. Pictures, videos, and even written content should be made responsive to bring great user experience to web visitors. Also, there is a need to choose colors and layouts that will not confuse users on what to do next when navigating around.

A web design company must always be updated to the latest changes with web designs in order to keep up and exceed the latest trends.

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