The Web Design & Development Process: What Should I Know?

It is amusing to find websites that are very dynamic, colorful and engaging. People are attracted to this kind of websites and prefer to stay longer and explore more on what this website has to offer. Some websites are very minimal. It could be one way of representing their brand name or a marketing strategy to lure people’s curiosity into knowing the company name.

Building a website is like solving a puzzle. It is composed of different pieces that should work together for a beautiful image to come out. It takes time complete and even needs a few people to help put things together. Designing a website and its developmental process take quite a number of steps. They might sound complicated but we will make things easier for you. This will make you understand how website design and development works.

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  • Data Gathering

    Like doing a research, you have to know what the study is all about. Same with websites, you should take note on the things that needs to be considered. For starters, you have to identify why you are building this company. Determine the company’s or brand name’s objectives and goals, and how these goals are made possible with the creation of your website.

  • Set your target audience

    This should be specific people that you want to stick with your product. Indicate their age, sex, interests, and even the content of your website that should be suitable for their group. Next, we go with planning. As a client, lay out plans that will be included in the website. This talks about the content of your website – the areas that will be covered. From this, an interface for your website will be created for an easy and user-friendly type of website. All websites should always prioritize the ease in navigating in their websites.

  • Web Design

    Here, you should consider your company logo – something that can be easily remembered but unique from your competitors. The colors on your website should also be considered at this phase. Will you be using strong colors or the pastel ones? Consider the target audience before deciding on which color to use. Your designer should be at constant communication with you to determine whether the design suits your need. If you are happy with the design, then it is time for the development or the website creation.

  • Web Development

    Templates for your website that will suit the content happen at this stage. The content of the website is separated on different pages according to the hierarchy of their relevance. You, the client, should be present at this stage for possible changes that you might want. CSS codes and a valid HTML are incorporated here which is then assessed on the next step.

  • The website has to be tested

    The web designer will do the final details and test the website. He or she will test whether the codes are completely functioning. Further, this will also ensure that the website can be loaded on different browsers. Your website should be both compatible on a desktop and mobile versions with no problems in loading the page. If a go signal is given, it is time to launch the website. A File Transfer Protocol is done. This program is used by web designers when they upload a site to a host server. Other details on this stage include plugin installations and SEO or search engine optimization options. These are important as they help build traffic to your website.

  • Web Maintenance

    Continued maintenance is necessary. Codes and plugins should be constantly updated to have the website working well. Also, it is important to update the content so that it is easily searched by search engines.

It may seem easy but it is pretty difficult to build and maintain a website. For clients, finding professionals that will maintain and update your website is recommended.

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