Deliveree – A Great Partner For SME’s Needing Delivery

Deliveree – A Great Partner For SME’s Needing Delivery

As e-commerce grows in dominance, many businesses are having to consider how best to incorporate transport and logistics into their operations as consumers increasingly turn to vendors that can offer home or office deliveries of their products and services. Most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) however lack the resources to invest in the necessary staff and equipment to facilitate these deliveries themselves. The best solution lies in partnering with a provider that can offer these services quickly and conveniently so that client expectations are adequately met. Here is why Deliveree makes for that ideal partner. 

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Low-Cost Deliveries

There are many costs associated with running a transport department within a business. From paying driver salaries to insurance, fuel costs to vehicle servicing, it can become complicated and expensive to handle it alone. Outsourcing to a provider like Deliveree means you pay a fraction of the cost and still enjoy full service. You can even scale your demands meaning that just the size of vehicle you need at a particular time is provided, allowing for even more cost savings. 

API Integration

API integration allows for different software to communicate. In this case, you can merge your use of your e-commerce platform, like woocommerce, and the Deliveree app to better monitor and control the booking and managing of pickups and deliveries. This can easily be done for multiple orders to various locations, allowing for easy scheduling of pickups and deliveries. 

This automation also helps make work easier for your business. Once an online order is made by a client, you do not have to do further paperwork to transfer the details into the delivery system. The entire process can be streamlined so that the relevant bookings can be made for the appointed time. No extra steps are needed and there is clearer visibility of the operations required to fulfill orders. 

Real-Time Tracking

There is often uncertainty when you outsource. These are people and equipment that are working for your benefit but do not actually belong to your company. For greater peace of mind, Deliveree provides real-time tracking features of its vehicles so that business clients can closely monitor the movement of their goods. They can source such information as distance traveled and time taken, besides the precise real-time location of the vehicle, at any given time. 

GPS tracking is also beneficial to the drivers as they can take advantage of route optimization capabilities. By being able to factor in traffic conditions in real-time they can avoid jams and other disruptions and be advised of the fastest routes to follow in making deliveries and pickups. Businesses using these services get to be able to monitor this movement and understand should a route change be made. 


When sending out your goods for delivery, you want to be assured they are in safe hands. Working with a reputable provider like Deliveree ensures that your items are being handled by drivers that have been carefully vetted. There is adequate accountability through such functions as tracking and digital signatures being recorded during handovers. The commercial-grade insurance provided also helps compensate in case there are unforeseen problems.


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